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Natural White Tea Causes Breakdown of Fat in Human Cells

Posted by Julian on Wed, 2009/10/21 - 11:25am in

Tea is often hailed as an ideal drink for dieters. This calorie-free beverage is a tasty, all-natural choice for people who need to give up sugary drinks but dread the thought of sipping flavorless beverages. Tea isn’t just healthy because it’s a stand-in for unhealthy beverages, though.

In addition to being naturally delicious, tea is filled with natural chemical compounds that affect the way your body creates and stores fat. Many reviews of best weight-loss diet programs recommend drinking tea—often green tea—in place of soda.

Recent research, however, shows that white tea may be even better than green tea. A study published in May 2009 on the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) in the peer-reviewed journal of Nutrition and Metabolism found that white tea extract broke down the fat stored in existing fat cells and kept new fat cells from forming. The antioxidants present in white tea are an all-natural way to reduce your body fat.

Breaking down Fat

Your body creates fatty tissue in two ways: by increasing the size of existing fat cells and by creating new ones. Triglycerides, the main component of fat cells, are particularly vulnerable to the antioxidants found in white tea. When researchers exposed fat cells to white tea extract, the triglycerides in the cells broke down. With fewer triglycerides fat cells become smaller, which in turn reduces the overall size of fatty mass. Drinking white tea therefore can cause the same fat breakdown within your body, leading naturally to a slimmer you.

Preventing Fat Cells from Getting Bigger

Once the fat cells shrink, white tea could help keep them from absorbing enough triglycerides to return to their original size. When fat cells were exposed to white tea extract, their triglyceride absorption was reduced by up to 70 percent. Because white tea blocks fat cells from absorbing more triglycerides, the cells don’t get bigger—and neither can the fatty tissue. Since drinking white tea could have the same effect, it could help you manage your weight.

White Tea Fights Your “Fat” Genes

Although the amount of calories consumed is an important determinant of how much fat will be stored in one's body, genetics also plays a big part. Your genes control how your body forms and stores fat. Adipogenesis, the formation of fat tissue, requires a specific set of genes to be activated. These genes express some proteins, known as transcription factors, which control the process of adipogenesis. Unless those specific genes are activated, the body can’t make fat. White tea extract helps prevent those genes from becoming fully active, reducing the amount of fat that your body can create and store.

Why White Tea?

White tea has higher levels of antioxidants than green or black tea. White tea, made from the young leaves and buds of the plant, undergoes much less processing than other teas do. The slight amount of processing leaves white tea with a higher concentration of antioxidants than other teas. Those antioxidants are what reacts with fat cells and the genes that create them.

A Natural Way to Lose Weight

The market is full of products claiming to help you slim down. Some of them even purport to be all-natural, but antioxidant-rich white tea is just about as natural as it gets.

Don’t fret if you think that you’re not a fan of tea. If you’ve tried green or black tea before and decided that it wasn’t for you, try again with white tea. White tea has a milder, mellower taste than green or black tea does.

Try it a few times before you give up. Adding natural white tea to your diet can help you slim down safely and naturally without the risk of unpleasant side effects. Developing a taste for white tea could be one of the greatest things you can do for your health.

Authored by Matt Papa
As a medical researcher by profession, Matt Papa has a passion in researching the health benefits of organic food. In his website, devoted to people who want to manage their weight naturally, he regularly posts discount coupons for Medifast diet, a medically approved weight loss program, and a promotion discount for Nutrisystem.

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