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Organic, Fire Retardant Free Bedding Keeps Your Family Safe in a Healthy, Toxin-Free Sleep Environment

Posted by Della on Wed, 2008/09/17 - 12:01am in

As parents, we work hard to keep our children safe in this ever-changing world, but, as you shelter your wee one from dangers outside your home, be sure that he or she is safe inside your own four walls, as well. Protect her from harmful chemicals in her sleep environment by dressing her bed in fire retardant free bedding.

Here are Reasons Why We Should Educate Ourselves about PBDEs
If you haven’t heard of PBDEs, it’s time you became familiar with these awful chemicals. PBDEs, or Polybrominated Dipehnyl Ethers, are a group of chemicals added to many household items (such as textiles, furnishings, electronics, and plastics) to make them flame retardant. But PBDEs release continuously into the environment, and contaminate and harm our bodies and our planet. PBDEs accumulate in living creatures and impair nervous-system development, cause liver damage, and disrupt hormones. Due to these effects, many parts of the world have banned production and sale of these chemicals.

Natural Fibres Protect Your Family without Toxic Chemicals
For centuries, the inbuilt beneficial characteristics of natural fibres, such as wool (which is naturally fire retardant) and cotton (which doesn’t melt near heat sources), protected sleeping families. Now, however, our world has come to depend on harmful chemicals to make mattresses and bedding flame retardant. This merely replaces one problem with another. A far safer choice is organic bedding, which contains no harmful chemical of any kind, is good for your family, and doesn’t hurt the planet, either.

Steps You Can Take to Shield Your Home and Family from PBDEs
Running a home is a costly venture in today’s world, and very few households can afford to replace every item containing PBDEs immediately. However, you can take steps to prevent the impact of these chemicals on your family.

• Clean, clean, clean! Even if you are pressed for time, make dusting a top priority. PBDEs travel on indoor dust particles, so this small task can make and keep your home a safer place for babies, pets, and grown-ups, too.
• Make a plan to eventually rid your home of PBDEs. Buy only organic or natural cotton clothing (especially pyjamas) for your children; avoid any clothing made with flame-resistant fabrics. Replace non-organic baby bedding with toxin free organic baby bedding, and then change all other bedding to earth friendly, as well. Target any toxic mattress next – especially bassinet, crib, and infant-bed mattresses.
• Shop wisely and research before you buy. Find companies that produce mattresses and bedding that are free from PBDEs. Better yet, choose organic bedding and mattresses, particularly for babies and children, whose bodies are so very vulnerable to harmful chemicals and toxins.

Creating a safe childhood for your baby begins at home. By choosing natural and organic products, you are protecting your child in the most fundamental way possible by ensuring that no harmful chemicals, such as PBDEs, contaminate your home or your baby’s body. You’ll be making another healthy choice for our Earth, as well.


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