Organic Kombucha Tea is the Manchurian fermented tea that many claim have striking health benefits

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Many people are experiencing the benefits of organic kombucha tea. 
“But what exactly is it?” you may be asking.  It is a fermented tea from China that has been used for years to bolster health.  Although the FDA does not endorse kombucha’s effectiveness, there are many testimonials given by individuals, as well as research that has been conducted, that points to health benefits in many areas, with no reported side effects.  It is recommended to take a 2 to 4 ounce amount three times daily.  This can be increased slightly if you so wish. 

What is So Special about Kombucha?
This Manchurian tea is made from a kombucha mushroom culture.  You will find the taste to be similar to apple cider vinegar, rather sweet but a little acidic at the same time.  Biochemists credit the health benefits attributed to kombucha to the lactic acid and glucuranic acid found in it.  Lactic acid boosts oxygen levels in the blood and improves energy and liver function.  (It is interesting to note that lactic acid is NOT normally found in cancer patients’ connective tissues.)  Glucuronic acid is known to detoxify the liver and to aid in cases of arthritis and gout.  It also plays a helpful role for individuals exhibiting high levels of cholesterol.

How to Make or Ferment This Manchurian Mushroom Tea
If you're wanting to try out its various health qualities, to gain the full benefit from this tea, you're going to need to take it regularly for a period of time. First you need to make the tea and then you have to leave it for up to 5 days for it to ferment properly. In order to do this you need some equipment or at least empty storage bottles which need to be properly sterilised as well. Since this whole procedure is lengthy, it is advisable to make a largish quantity at one time, perhaps up to a gallon or several litres. Of course you can always opt to buying it pre-made, which you can even do online.

What Health Benefits are People Reporting with Kombucha Use?
Although not a cure-all, individuals have reported kombucha to help with a variety of ailments.  When taken immediately before meals, the tea is known to regulate the digestive system.  It eases constipation and has reduced symptoms in people with gallstones and kidney stones.  Similar to oolong tea users, individuals have also reported that kombucha helped them lose weight.  Other accounts cite these wonderful benefits:  disappearance of wrinkles (perhaps something many of us want to believe in!?), deterrent of certain cancers, alleviation of hot flush symptoms, the curbing of alcohol cravings, and regulation of blood sugar levels.  Kombucha users have also reported that it helps alleviate respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, asthma, and allergies, aids with insomnia, and helps prevent baldness and gray hair.  Try kombucha for yourself - and feel the difference!

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